Failure investigations  follow a sequence of steps that may vary somewhat depending on the nature of the failure, complexity and associated machine type(s).  Each study is led by an experienced principal investigator (PI) with full access to all of               s resources.  Most failure investigations require laboratory analysis of failed parts, filters, lubricants, sludge/deposits/sediment, varnish and/or wear debris.


The typical sequence of steps followed by most failure investigations are as follows:


  • Principal investigator (PI) is assigned to the case based on case type, relevant experience and statement of work (SOW).


  • Client submits a comprehensive case file with background information and discovery material (photos, operating data, failure history, timeline, troubleshooting studies, expert reports, lab work, machine drawings, etc.).


  • Case file is studied by the PI.


  • PI makes site visit, inspects subject machine, interviews personnel, takes samples for analysis and establishes clear project objectives and timeline.  A preliminary list of possible root causes is presented and discussed with the client.


  • Samples are forwarded to laboratory, and testing protocol for each sample is established.  Budget of lab work is communicated to and approved by client before testing starts.


  • Lab data is analyzed and interpreted by PI.


  • Preliminary report of findings is presented to client, usually by conference call.


  • Final report of findings and remediation plan is written and submitted to client.


  • Post-report conference call is scheduled as needed.

We select laboratories for each case based on the nature of the failure, lubricant type and required test protocol.  Because of the universe of commercial contract laboratories offering services, a discriminating approach to selection can be made for the benefit of the client in achieving efficient and accurate case outcome. 

The following is a list of testing specializations offered by                : 


  • Metallography and metallurgy

  • Grease analysis

  • Filter debris analysis

  • Wear particle identification and characterization

  • Particle contamination characterization

  • Infrared and molecular spectroscopy

  • Elemental spectroscopy (ICP, RDE, XRF, SEM-EDS, acid dissolution, etc.)

  • Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

  • Radiological fluid testing

  • Chemical microscopy

  • ASTM lubricant performance testing

  • In-service oil analysis

  • Tribometry and film-strength testing

  • Microbial contamination testing

  • Aviation and aerospace fluid analysis

  • Fire-resistant fluids analysis

  • Varnish and sludge analysis

  • Focused Ion Beam Microscopy

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)

  • EDX

  • Atom Probe Tomography

  • Raman Spectroscopy


Typical Failure Investigation Process
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