• Two nanosecond-pulsed Nd: YAG laser Spectra Physics Quanta Ray Pro 290 mit harmonic generator.

    • Laser surface texturing of different material surfaces such as metals, ceramics or polymers for tribological applications.


  • Ultrashort pulsed Ti: Sapphire Laser MaiTai/Spitfire Spectra Physics Company with pulse durations between 100 fs and 20 ps @ 800 nm wavelength.

    • Laser surface texturing and manufacturing with more precision due to reduced heat input.


  • Anton Paar nanotribometer with reciprocating and rotational test unit and different cantilevers with variating stiffnesses. Test setup is ball on disk with hard metal, Al2O3, SiN, 100 Cr6 and INOX 440C steel as ball material. Normal load between 500 µN and 2 N.

    • Measurement of friction coefficient, penetration depth under dry and lubricated conditions. The normal load is applied by Piezo actuators and the force recorded by the shift of a laser spot on mirror elements.


  • Anton Paar microtribometer with reciprocating and rotational test unit with different cantilevers and ball materials embedded in an environmental chamber with an adjustable relative humidity between 15 and 90 % and temperature between 20 and 100 °C. Normal load between 2 N and 80 N.

    • Friction measurement under very precise ambient conditions with different kinematic parameters. The normal load is applied by dead weights and forces are detected by LVDT sensors.


  • Two Panalytical X-ray diffractometers with Copper and molybdenum tube for phase, texture and residual stress analysis. Also equipped with Anton Paar in situ heating stage up to 1200°C for study of phase transitions.

    • Specialized X-ray facility for investigating materials with respect to phase situation, existing residual stresses and for studying the orientation of grains in materials (Texture).


  • Two white light interferometers Zygo New view 7300 for topographic analysis.

    • Precise measurement device for fast and contactless analysis of surface topographies of material surfaces. A large set of surface parameters such as arithmetic roughness, root mean squared roughness, skewness, kurtosis and many more can be collected.


  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope by Olympus

    • Fast scanning device for topography analysis


  • Metallographic lab including 3 light microscopes.

    • Grinding, polishing and lapping as well as etching and more services available for a well defined preparation and analysis of various material surfaces.


  • Ion polishing system for sophisticated surface preparation.


  • Two Focused Ion beam microscopes FEI company for imaging, chemical analysis, crystallographic analysis as well as Cross sectioning and TEM preparation.

    • Workstations for highly advanced imaging and characterization of materials. The system includes conventional electron microscopy and a focused ion beam source combining the benefits of imaging of surfaces and regions of interest in depth. The facility is equipped with a high resolution electron source. Moreover, chemical and structural materials properties may be gained by different detectors.


  • Atomprobe tomography system CAMECA LEAP 3000 for 3D chemical analysis with atomic resolution.

    • 3D chemical analysis with atomic resolution. This device allows for the study of the inner workings of materials and gives completely new insights into materials and the mutual relationship to the respective properties.


  • Raman spectroscopy

    • Analysis of oxides and stresses in a fast and contactless way.


  • XPS facility

    • Chemical analysis in depth and information about bondings for example. Determination of oxide thicknesses.


  • Contact angle measurement device

    • Measurement of static and dynamic contact angles as well as contact angle hysteresis.


  • Laser cladding facility ILT Aachen and Bosch Rexroth with a 400 W diode laser and Sulzer Metco Powder feeder.

    • Alloying, coatings for tribological purposes and repair engineering of aircraft and ship parts.


  • Spin coating system


  • urnaces for thermal treatment under ambient as well as protective atmospheres.




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