trilub´s is a consulting company specialized in machinery lubrication, oil analysis, contamination control, filtration systems improvement and applied  tribology. trilub´s consulting, technical services and technologies integration are specifically oriented towards practical machine applications in fixed and mobile plants in such industries as mining, ports, refinery, power generation, pulp and paper, food processing, shipping and shipbuilding, primary metals, transportation. 

For more than 21 years, Oscar Morales León has been one of the "principal architects" in guiding the lubrication field in leading the modern reliability movement.

Our concept, practices and knowledge transfer improve key performance attributes.

The trilub concepts works  with clients to develop enhanced, efficient lubrication and oil analysis programs. Our concept approach provides the task list for assessing, designing, implementing and sustaining lubrication excellence. This process is based on our knowledge, experience and property mathematics model and is focused on depuring the actual lubrication management to maximize its effectiveness and increase reliability and Return Over Investment.

Developing an effective oil analysis program requires careful work and planning. All too often when technicians or managers  decide to invest in oil analysis, they choose a lab and start sending samples without thinking about what is the objective. Instead, the program should be developed with a careful in place based on a stated series of reliability goals and done by experts.

  • Lubrication Strategies

  • Corporate Lubrication Manuals

  • Corporate Lubrication Plans and Programs

  • Extension and Depuration for Corporate Lubrication Programs

  • Corporative Lubrications Auditory

  • Corporate  Collection and Data Survey of Lubricants and Fuel

  • Technology Development for Corporate Lubricants Data Gathering and Survey 

  • Continuous Improvement and Lubrication Management Programs

  • Lubrication Management and Maximization of the Machinery Reliability

  • Tribological and Lubrication Audit

  • Corporative Lube Rooms Design and Implementations

  • Design for Corporate Lubricant Supply Contracts

  • Calculation of Optimal Values for Corporative Procurement of Lubricant’s Contracts

  • Corporative Lubricant Consolidations

  • Lubrication Processes Stabilizing

  • Remote Monitoring Condition for Lubrication and Hydraulics Oil Systems

  • Remote Monitoring Condition for Mobile and Stationary Machinery

  • Contamination Control for Big Machinery and Lubrications Systems

  • Designer for Optimal Lube Route Technologies

  • Expert Witnessing for Root Cause Analysis by Lubrication or Oil Hydraulic  Failures

  • Integrations Systems for Remote Monitoring Conditions

  • Oil Analysis Laboratories Management

  • Remote Monitoring for Lubrication Management

  • Training:

    • Machinery Lubrication

    • Contamination Control

    • Oil Analysis


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