Oscar Morales León and his team from                    help companies to realize reliability through better lubrication processes and oil analysis. Over the past 12 years, our approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor hydraulic oils and lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. 


                experts have served as principal investigators in lubricant and machine failure studies across diverse industries and applications.  These include power generation, gas transmission, petrochemical and countless others.          failure investigation services apply knowledge-based problem-solving methods using advanced Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodology.  Our goal is to quickly and efficiently identify failure causal conditions to enable a permanent and complete remediation, returning machines to reliable service and preventing failure reoccurrence. 

This service can be extended to Military, Air Force and Marine Corps.

Our technical consulting team has decades of cumulative experience in analytical and troubleshooting methods related to physical and chemical lubricant analysis, tribology, contamination control, filter debris analysis and wear particle characterization. We conduct onsite inspections and perform detailed failure causation analysis of components such as rolling-element bearings, gears, engines, pumps and others.  Below is a list of Noria’s unique range of analytical capabilities.


  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


  • Tribological studies


  • Expert´s opinion on friction, wear and surface issues


  • Lubricant analysis (oil and grease)


  • Filter debris analysis


  • Ferrography and wear particle identification


  • Accelerated life testing


  • Metallography


        benefits from broad resources that are unavailable from other service organizations.  These include:


  • Expert Lubricant Analysis:

• In-depth Oil Analysis

• Ferrography & Tribology Expertise • Litigation & Dispute Support

• Additional Expert Consultancy


  • In-house Subject-Matter Experts.  Our full-time staff of technical experts in lubrication and tribology possess multi-disciplinary skills and experience.


  • Contract Consultants and Specialists.  Dozens of contract technical experts have collaborated with                over the years, working on some of the most difficult and challenging projects.             is quick to engage these services where such specialized skills and analytical capabilities are required.  


  • Case History Database.                   maintains comprehensive case files of world investigation cases.  These are commonly used as reference when working on similar cases.


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