Oscar Morales has 26 years as Civil Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and 21 years as a technical advisor on wide ranging subjects like lubrication, tribology, interpretation for reports  of oil analysis, implementation of lube rooms, expert witnessing, corporative lubrications auditory, technology development for lubrication management, rising corporate lubricants, failure analysis, filtration and microfiltration systems, contamination control, instrument evaluation and maintenance, condition monitoring, and reliability through the lubrication for: Mining, Ports, Metallurgical, Foundry, Forestall, Paper, Fishing, Mining Truck, Food, Printing, Military and a variety of Stationary and Mobil Machinery.


Is an expert on Tribology, Lubrication and its reaches engineer. He is part of Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) and belong to the Wide World Network of Tribologists.


He worked in Maintenance Strategies, Assets Management, Senior in Predictive Maintenance and Integration of Technologies for Conditions Monitoring, Projects to assure reliability for large mining and industry; mobile and stationary equipment, Design and implementation of Lube Rooms, Maintenance Shops (Truck Shop), Continuous Improvement, Better Practices and application of Lubrication Management Programs. Oscar is expert on Tribology, lubrication and its reaches. He is part of STLE, international societies of Tribologists. 

Is a specialized Consultant in Lubrication of mobile and stationary equipment, Corporative and mining trucks, Oils Analysis, Laboratories for oil analysis, tribology, spectrometry, filtration and microfiltration systems, integration of technologies for monitoring conditions, particles counting and Particles Counters.


He is an international consultant in lubrication, Tribology and lubrication management and oil Condition monitoring, for mechanical machinery reilability and impact on stabilization process; mining, metallurgical, paper, and mobile equipment fleets. He executes Technical- economical evaluations for Maintenance business units. He gives curses of Better Practices for Oil Monitoring Conditions Process, Oils analysis, PdM, RCM. Critical variables; Pression, Temperature, Flow, Particle Counter, rpm, leaks, Monitoring Condition on real time for Lubrication and Oil-Hydraulic on stationary or mobile equipments.


He was Founder Partner and Technical & Development Manager of I2D Consulting S.A., actualy, he is Founder Partner an Technical Director at trilub, companie dedicated to provide consultancy, trainings, products and services to Companies of diverse industrial areas and large mining, also in lubrication and maintenance engineering, taking the clients to add the value of their projects from the evaluation, design, recommendation and implementation until achieve and measure the results. 

Consultancies and services

  • Asset Management

  • Enhaced Reliability

  • Failure Investigation

  • Expert Witness Litigation

  • Lubricant Analysis

  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Petroleum Analysis

  • Particle Analysis

  • Compressor Lubrication

  • Bearing Failure Analysis

  • Lubrication Systems

Fields of Specialization

  • Teaming and internal leader

  • Filtration and Separation

  • Wear Particle Analysis

  • Motor Oil and Engine Lubrication

  • Gear Failure Analysis

  • Tribology and Wear

  • Oil Analysis

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Monitoring Condition

  • Lubricant Supply Contracts

  • Laboratoty Management

trilub Consortium, Santiago, Chile, (2015-present).

Founder and Director of Operations


Country leader in technical consulting and education in the fields of lubrication, tribology, machine reliability, oil analysis, asset management, monitoring condition and predictive maintenance. Publication for specialized magazines. Has educated hundreds of people on my specialization. Chilean’s leading Lubrication, Oil analysis, Tribology and Asset Management  consulting organization. I am a vendor-neutral professional. 


i2D Consulting & Services S.A. (2013-2015)

Cofounder, Shareholder and Operations Manager


The previous i2D that is an limited partnership becomes a closed corporation.

The company was continued by trilub Consortium

Business highlights:

  • Consulting, Developed, Design and marketed propietary and representative of Lubricant analysis instruments, software and services for the maintenance, Monitoring Condition and technology field.

  • Products and services were sold a long of country, Chile, and another latin america countries.

  • Designed and implemented a full service commercial oil analysis laboratory for industrial customers.


i2D Consulting Limited (2008 – 2013)

Shareholder and Operations Manager


Note that it is need to professionalize and systemize the science of lubrication and tribology for the benefit of maintenance and asset management for industries. The strategic objective is to reduce costs, increase service life machinery, prolong equipment replacement times –impruve utility life-, make more efficient energy use - reducing friction, wear, and down vibrations-, reduce the use of water for cooling and develop the implementation of a lubrication management like never before been done in Chile and South America. The strategic objective is to penetrate in large enterprises with service projects, to become the company responsible for the execution of lubrication, lubrication management and predictive maintenance by monitoring conditions becoming empowered through improved delivery of KPIs, costs reduction maintenance, optimization managements and higher ROI ensuring contracts of at least five years for performance self-renewing.


Holding; Gess Limited, Incometal Steel Foundry S.A. and Prosefun Limited (2004-2008)

Partnership and Corporative Manager


Founder, General Partner of an limited partnership to develop and sale technologies and consulting services of hydraulics, lubrication, contamination control and predictive maintenance.


Vector & Proactive Ltda. (2000-2004)

Cofounder, Technical and Commercial Manager 


Was an limited partnership Company of CAD, design DEM software of Digital Elevation Models. Converting planimetry and cartography of Chile 1:50.000 scale from a  raster or bit map to vectorial mode. Was the first time a private company receives analog Chile mapping, curves layers, in 1: 50,000 from the Military Geographical Institute of Chile.


Hydraulic Engineering S.A. IHSA (1996-2000)

Maestranza Diesel Company


Engineering Manager

He assumes as Chief of Hydraulics Maintenance Service and four months later he creates the Engineering Department, generating new projects and business with large companies from southern, Chile, enterprise like timber, cellulose, paper, fishing, cementing, ironworks, foundry, shipyards and refinery.

He developed new Maintenance Programs, he gave services of Oil-hydraulics like Advising. Circuits Design and Maintenance for the lubrication circuits and oil-hydraulics. Today this company develop big projects.


Wellcome Academy, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (1990-1996)

Founder and Academic Director


Private academy of math, physics  and basics computer science.


Alcalá School, Providencia, Santiago, Chile (1984-1990)

Founder and Academic Diretor


With a partner founded the Alcalá School, a private primary and secondary education school, year in which it is recognized as Academic Headmaster by resolution of the Chilean Education Ministry. This school were discharged outstanding professionals, artists and entrepreneurs from national and international reputation.


Language skills:


Spanish (native speaker)

English  (fluent spoken and written - complet profesional competence)

German (understand)

Portugués (understand)




1994. Certified by Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers, STLE,Illinois USA

2012. International Council for Machinery Lubrication, ICML

2013. Mining Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

2015. Mining Plant and Equipment Maintenance, MAPLA-MAPLEMIN

Oscar Morales León

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Employment History

  • Petrox S.A - Enami

  • Shell Chile

  • YPF Argentina

  • Zaldívar Barrick Mining

  • El Tesoro Mining - AMSA

  • Los Pelambres Mining - AMSA

  • Ultraport - ULTRAMAR

  • PULOGSA – Angellini Group

  • BHPBilliton

  • Andina Division Mining - Codelco

  • CODELCO Chile Mining

  • Escondida Mining MEL-BHPBilliton

  • BHPBilliton

  • Spence Mining - BHPBilliton

  • Cellulose Plant CMPC

  • El Teniente Division Mining - CODELCO

  • Río Itata Industries S.A

  • Antofagasta Minerals S.A

  • Michilla Mining - AMSA

  • Forestal Quilpoelemu S.A

  • Salina Punta Lobos – Salt Mining SPL

  • Chuquicamata Division – Codelco Chile

  • Camanchaca Fishery

  • Lota Protein Fishery

  • Cellulose Laja Plant CMPC

  • Cementos Bío Bío

  • Alliance Copper Limited-BHP & Codelco

  • Forestal Santa Fé-Papelera Inforsa

  • Cía. Siderúrgica Huachipato (CSH)-CAP

  • Minera San Cristóbal MSC-Bolivia Washington Group

  • Astillero Reparador y Constructor ASMAR

  • Fisheries-Fleets-PAM - Qurbosa Landes Itata

  • Laguna Seca Debotlenecking LSD-MEL BHPBilliton

  • Methanex Punta Arenas

  • Collahuasi Mining-Anglo American 

  • Xstrata Mining

  • Punta Chungo Port – MLP - AMSA

  • Planta Harina Pescado-Landes Itata Qurbosa 

  • Chuquicamata Division – Codelco Chile

Oscar Morales León

Founder and Senior Technical Consultant

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