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With trilub concept and technologies integration configurators, we will help you at every step of the way to find your clean level of hydraulics and lubricant oils. 

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The Oil Analys            program can save you resources by providing reliable and accurate maintenance data. Machinery that is properly maintained lasts longer with less downtime. In addition, practicing extended drain intervals can save significant money. Operators typically test engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants and diesel fuel. 

As is the case with human health monitoring, there are hundreds of tests that could be recommended to deliver a particular piece of the puzzle representing overall health. A key to health management, whether man or machine, is understanding which test to use and what to

look for within that test.


There are 702 discrete petroleum and lubricant tests listed in the 2009 ASTM catalog.


Some of these tests report about broad characteristics of the test specimen, and some about narrow concerns.

In addition to the ASTM methods, there are several other standardization organizations providing test methods, including DIN (German Institute for Standardization), ISO (International Standards Organization), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), API (American Petroleum Institute) and IP (Institute of Petroleum Test Methods). Each has standards and test methods useful for measurement of a variety of lubricant properties. 


Are you searching for the right contamination control solution for your mobile equipment?

              ’s Oil Condition Monitoring service will assess your lubricating oil for problems and report these issues quickly and efficiently.

Just as humans undergo a battery of tests to understand the state of their health, conducting oil analysis provides similar insight into the health of a machine. Subtle changes in the chemical health of the oil/lubricant and in the cleanliness of the machine’s sump as well as increases in the types and  concentrations of wear metals, point to solvable problems.

When the analysis is conducted systematically, the relative state of machine health can be observed. Armed with information about the machine’s changing health, the machine owner can adjust operating and maintenance practices to protect the machine’s longterm usefulness.

Oil Condition Monitoring Services 
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