The Jor Assessment report provides:


  • Overall compliance level

  • FODA analysis

  • Executive summary

  • Assessment of 45 points. Each include:

    • Design periodic review                                             

    • Improvement opportunities                                       

    • Metrics and KPI recommendations                          

    • Improvement recommendations                             

    • Current practices

    • Current condition

    • Audit recommendations

    • Actions

    • Cost benefit analysis

    • Priority next steps

trilub’s Oil Analysis Program Benchmark Assessment allows for an independent third party review of your oil analysis program. There are eleven primary categories within an oil analysis program:


  • Equipment Selection

  • Sampling Location

  • Sampling Procedure

  • Sampling Frequency

  • Sampling Hardware

  • Test Slate

  • Data Analysis

  • Laboratory Selection

  • Training/Certification

  • Program Management

  • Corrective Action Approach

I know that                                               testing predictive maintenance programs help clients avoid costly parts, equipments and machinery failures.                  OCM tests measure hydraulic oils, transmition oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, and all types fluids for the detection of lubricant wear, lubricant quality degradation, additive degradation and other bad conditions.                                               by                     through recomended laboratories protect our client's high-value equipments, stationary machines, hydrualics engines, mobile equipments and other critical systems, reducing expensive downtime and                                                             

Oil Condition Monitoring and Analysis Benchmarking

While the importance of oil analysis in reliability programs is becoming increasingly understood, the challenge of how to fully reap the benefits of oil analysis is still lacking in most of industry today.

Using          ’s proprietary 100pt scorecard, a solid understanding of a plants current challenges and successes can quickly be determined. By reviewing and scoring each of these categories against best practice standards, Noria can provide a road map for overall program improvement 


Oil Condition Monitoring
Oil Condition Monitoring
Increasing Reliability
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