Flow Rate Sensor (QS)

fluid-check® with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2


What can I measure?


With the Flow rate sensor (QS) :


  • Monitoring flow rate and wear of pumps

  • Operability of accumulators

  • Filter transmittance

  • Heat exchangers

  • Nozzle flow rate

  • Speed of hydraulic motors


With the Leakage sensor (LS) :


  • Seal damages and leakage identification




Led lights inform from 4..20mA stand of flow up to 630bar(9,100 psi), from minimal quantities like 0,02 L/minute and for diameters from 12mm can be put in practice the fluid-Check®.

The leakage sensor fluid-Check® is ready to be use and will be programmed by BOLENDER-Germany according necessities of the client in liters or gallons per minute. It is based on the calorimetric principle, that means the sensor head has an intern thermo element and heating where the running oil temperature will be measured.

The measuring cycle takes 3 seconds.

The sensor head temperature raises at 2°C. The

time for this will be measured and the flow




















Calibration service : 

You get pro sensor a data sheet with curves (comparison mA with l/min).

Inform us the ID of the pipeline and the wished measuring range from/to in l/min.

fluid-Check Monitoring flow rate and wear of pumps fluid-Check


Technical data


- Measuring range               0,05 ...8 Meter/Second

- Flow rate QS                       up to 600 Liter/Minute

                                                ,depending on ID

- Leakage LS                          from 0,02 Liter/Minute,

- Pressure                              630 bar ( 9100 psi)

- Temperat. range                -20..80°C

- Threaded coupling            G 3/8 male

- Accuracy                              +/- 2%

- Configuration                     3 wires

- Output signal                      4 ... 20 mA (Analogue)

- Power supply                      24 V DC +/- 10%; 150mA

Flow Rate Sensor (QS) and Leakage Sensor (LS) fluid-check with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip® Typ 2 (no cutting pipelines) (for hydraulic and gear oils)

fluid-Check ® For monitoring and controlling plants and machinery at hydraulic systems

With PBT housing (QS-2-B-008 / LS-2-B...) 

With stainless steel housing 

(QS-1-B-008 / LS-1-B...)

rate will be calculated. The needed time for measuring is 15


What can I measure?


With the Flow rate sensor (QS) :

  • Monitoring flow rate and wear of pumps

  • Operability of accumulators

  • Filter transmittance

  • Heat exchangers

  • 5 seconds. The special on this “made in Germany” product is not only the easy installation of 5 minutes- no cutting pipes and without contamination with an Allen wrench.

The hydraulic operator gets with the fluid-Check® sensor and the measuring connection serv-Clip® with ¾” screw that opens a wide choice of measuring devices because one can deinstall the fluid-Check® and install at the same point sensors or manometers for measuring temperature, pressure, etc.

BOLENDER-Germany promises to meet the complex requirements for fluid measuring and pipe working with a cheap solution avoiding consequential expensive reparations of hydraulic systems.

For pipes over 3“ (88,9 mm) and wall thickness from 6 mm ask about our adapter SC-XE-607.





























- Connection                          M12 Universal system

- Setting                                  per Micro button

- Protection mode                IP 65

- Sensor head                        stainless steel 1.4571

- Housing                                PBT (QS-2-B-008 / LS-2-                                                      B...) or stainless steel

                                                 (QS-1-B-008 / LS-1-B...)

(*) FOR STAINLESS STEEL PIPES up to 5,5mm wall thickness please ask about our special needle Art. Nr. 501-041-02

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