Mechanical wear and corrosion (chemical degradation) make up approximately 70 percent of industrial machine failures, costing companies millions of dollars each year. Both wear and corrosion can be mitigated or prevented by proper lubrication.


Most organizations conduct maintenance that includes lubrication, but few recognize the serious potential of comprehensive analysis, training and implementation of excellent lubrication practices — particularly those that are proactive.


                can give your organization an individualized lubrication system, personnel training on best practices and continued access to a network of industry experts - all in one comprehensive program. 

trilub identifies potential wind turbine lubricating oil and machinery problems, helping avoid failure and down-time.                    provides full engineering interpretation of wind turbine lubricant quality test data, providing the client with a comprehensive report on both the condition of the lubricating oil and health of the wind turbine machinery. Analysis from system lubricating oil samples gives a direct indication of machinery and component health, saving the client costly failures, down-time and repairs. Testing wind turbine lubricants provides an early-warning of serious potential problems, which if left unchecked can cause equipment to be decommissioned or overhauled.  

The wind turbine and thermal management system are provided comprising a gearbox containing a lubrication system and a pump for circulating the lubricant.  It also has a gearbox lubrication suction pipe used for transporting the lubrication oil from the gearbox to the pump. At least one pump outlet pipe can be used for transporting the lubricant from the pump to other components that need to be lubricated in the wind. The monitoring condition lubricant and contamination control are required to assure a better reliability  

Lubrication for Turbine Wind Farms


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