When loading speed matters most

Fast load positioning is one of the keys to successful yard operation, especially in intermodal operations involving train loading and unloading where turn-around times are critical.


This is where trilub delivers a decisive reliability advantage, reducing both downtime and energy consumption.


The Lubrication Management is a great advantage providing higher reliability, less downtime and lower maintenance and spare part costs - particulary at ports that experience harsh coastal weather

The GPS positioning system, implemented in cranes, provides crane heading monitoring in real-time, even when the crane is standing still.

Generally the GPS technology used with any type cranes and data can also be linked with your temperature values, online particulate counting, saturation filters signal and microfiltration system condition. 


This kind of tools can provide your drivers and maintenance team with a set of productivity tools including early warning for monitoring condition.


It also possibly combines the satellite data with the yard configuration data. It uses two antennas to prevent signal loss and provides uninterrupted,  accurate positioning 


“It is a vital investment in the future of the port’s business ... Our excellent experience with our existing equipments has encouraged us to rely on the same applications of Lubrication Management for the life extension and reliability.”

Satelite data, GPS and Monitoring Condition




"Reliability throug best practices on lubrication and contamination control for Our fleet of cranes, which includes some of the new Generation machines, is one of our key selling points in the service of our customers."


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