Academic background:


2009-present                Principal Investigator in the Steinbeis Research Center MECS in Saarbrücken  


2007-present                Group Leader “Advanced Surfaces” at the Saarland University,

                                        Chair of Functional Materials (Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich, head of the department)

2006-2012                     PhD thesis “Laser Interference Metallurgy of Metallic Surfaces for Tribological      

                                        Applications” (magna cum laude), advisers: Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich, Prof. Dr. Martin Müser

2000 - 2006                   Master degree in materials science & engineering at Saarland University (passed with                                                   distinction) adviser Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich, Prof. Dr. Ralf Busch.

1999-2006                     Bachelor of materials science & engineering at the Saarland University

1989-1998                     University entrance diploma in Germany at the Otto Hahn grammar school in Saarbrücken                                           (passed with distinction)


National service:


01.08.1998-01.08.1999: civilian service in a special-care home “Barmherzige Brüder” Bad Rilchingen, Germany


Professional qualification:


  • 2012: participation in a workshop related to staff and conflict management

  • since 2009: consultant for ion beam sputtering and electron beam deposition

  • since 2007: certified Laser safety representative (LZH Hanover)

  • since 2007: head of the laser and tribology laboratory

  • 2006: participation in a workshop related to interpersonal skills


Lecturer contributions and teaching:


  • Lecturer within the seminar “Microstructure and Damage” organized by the German Community of Materials Science & Engineering (DGM) (2007-2013).

  • Principal lecturer for the advanced student courses Functional Materials I & II (2007-present), Saarland University

  • Phase transformations

  • Thermal and magnetic shape memory alloys

  • Magnetostrictive materials

  • Superconductivity

  • Magnetism and magnetic materials

  • Dielectrics

  • Carbon based materials

  • Principal lecturer for the advanced student courses Laser Technology I & II (2007-present), Saarland University

  • Fundamentals of optics

  • Laser physics

  • Rate equations

  • Resonator design

  • Transversal and longitudinal modes

  • Laser material interaction

  • Laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, laser patterning

  • Supervisor for student seminars (2006-present), Saarland University

  • Principal lecturer Introduction to Materials Science for other faculties (2007-present), Saarland University

  • Principal lecturer Polymer Physics for graduate students (2014-present), Saarland University

  • Lecturer Introduction to Laser Materials Processing (15.04.2014-16.05.2014), PUC Chile


Stay abroad:


  • 01.05.-29.05.2007: visiting research associate at the National University of Rio Cuarto Argentina with Prof. Dr. Cesar Barbero

  • 01.09.2011-16.12.2011: visiting research associate at the Imperial College London in the Tribology group of Prof. Dr. Hugh Spikes

  • 15.04.2014-16.05.2014: visiting research associate Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC) Santiago de Chile, Physics Department.

  • Since March 2015: Academic Visitor Tribology Group London Imperial College


Current research topics:


  • Microstructural tailoring and topographic design of metallic surfaces by Laser interference metallurgy.

  • Effect of laser-induced surface textures on dry and lubricated sliding phenomena.

  • Running-in behaviour of metallic surfaces

  • Microstructural study of sub-surface damages in frictional contacts

  • Influence of laser pulse duration on microstructure

  • Laser shot peening

  • Tribological properties of carbon-based materials


Reviewer activities:


  • Applied Surface Science

  • Surface and Coatings Technology

  • Advanced Engineering Materials

  • Carbon

  • Wear

  • Tribology Letters


Funding activities:


  • VW Foundation: “Functionalized Surfaces by Laser Interference Patterning”, project duration 4 years starting in July 2007 until July 2011 (Principal Investigator). 

       Project budget: 476.000 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG MU 959/33-1: “Antimicrobial Surfaces” (Co-PI) 2011-2014

       Project budget: 286.000 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG MU 959/28-2: “In situ fabrication of RuAl coatings by laser cladding” (Co-PI) 2012-2015

       Project budget: 396.000 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG MU 959/23-1: “Study on the detailed microstructural characteristics of laser cladding by focused ion beam tomography” (Co-PI) 2012-2014

       Project budget: 235.600 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG HI 790/33-1, 2: “Tailored tribological properties in lubricated systems for efficient machine components” (Co-PI) 2011-2014

       Project budget: 436.300 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG MU 959/30-1: “Study of run-in behaviour of laser textured surfaces” in collaboration with the Imperial College London Hugh Spikes

       (Principal Investigator) 2012-2015

       Project budget: 236.000 €

  • German Research Foundation DFG GA 1706/2-2: “Optimized run-in procedure for bearings” (Principal Investigator) submitted 2014

       Project budget: 455.000 €

  • German Israel Science Foundation: “Laser shock peening of metallic surfaces” in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michael Varenberg (Principal Investigator), submitted end of 2013

       Project budget: 150.000 €


Scientific leadership:


  • Editor in Chief of the Journal “Industrial Lubrication and Tribology”, Emerald publishing Group London/Leeds UK, since 2015.

  • Symposium organizer for “Surface Tribology” within the MSE conference in Darmstadt Germany 2014 (23.09.-25.09.2014)

  • Leader of the scientific committee “Functionalized Surfaces” within the “German Community of Materials Science & Engineering (DGM)” together with Prof. Dr. Andrés Lasagni TU Dresden.

  • Awardee of the German Research Foundation DFG (young scientist academy) 2011

  • Honda Initiation Grant Europe 2010 ”Friction Controlling Surface Structures for Automotive Applications by Laser Interference Metallurgy”

  • Research Awardee of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 2009

  • Henkel Young Scientist Award for the best diploma thesis in Materials Science & Engineering at Saarland University in 2007.

  • Kühborth Award for the best diploma degree in Materials Science & Engineering at Saarland University in 2006.




  • since 2004: Member of DGM (German Community of Materials Science & Engineering)

  • since 2008: Member of GfT, Aachen (German Community of Tribologists)

  • since 2008: Member of the European Laser Institute ELI in Aachen


Language skills:


  • German (native speaker)

  • English (fluent in spoken and written)

  • French (fluent in spoken and written)

  • Spanish (fluent in spoken and written)

  • Italian (fluent in spoken)

Journal Publications:

Kenneth Holmberg, Anssi Laukkanen, Helena Ronkainen, Richard Waudby, Gwidon Stachowiak, Marcin Wolski, Pawel Podsiadlo, Mark Gee, John Nunn, Carsten Gachot, Lawrence Li (2015), Topographical orientation effects on friction and wear in sliding DLC and steel contacts, Part 1: Experimental, Wear (accepted).


Rosenkranz, A., Reinert, L., Gachot, C., Aboufadl, H., Grandthyll, S., Jacobs, K., & Mücklich, F. (2015), Oxide Formation, Morphology, and Nanohardness of Laser‐Patterned Steel Surfaces. Advanced Engineering Materials.


Rosenkranz, A., Jaeger, S., Gachot, C., Vogel, S., & Mücklich, F. (2015), Wear Behavior of Laser‐Patterned Piston Rings in Squeeze Film Dampers. Advanced Engineering Materials.

Rosenkranz, A., Martin, B., Bettscheider, S., Gachot, C., Kliem, H., & Mücklich, F. (2014), Correlation between solid–solid contact ratios and lubrication regimes measured by a refined electrical resistivity circuit. Wear, 320, 51-61.


Rosenkranz, A., Reinert, L., Gachot, C., & Mücklich, F. (2014), Alignment and wear debris effects between laser-patterned steel surfaces under dry sliding conditions. Wear, 318(1), 49-61.


Suárez, S., Rosenkranz, A., Gachot, C., Mücklich, F., Enhanced tribological properties of        MWCNT/Ni bulk composites - Influence of processing on friction and wear behaviour, (2014) Carbon, 66, pp. 164-171.

Gachot, C., Rosenkranz, A., Wietbrock, B., Hirt, G., Mücklich, F., Advanced design of hierarchical topographies in metallic surfaces by combining micro-coining and laser interference patterning, (2013) Advanced Engineering Materials, 15 (6), pp. 503-509.

Raillard, B., Rémond, J., Ramos-Moore, E., Souza, N., Gachot, C., Mücklich, F., Wetting properties of steel surfaces modified by laser interference metallurgy, (2013) Advanced Engineering Materials, 15 (5), pp. 341-346.

Prodanov, N., Gachot, C., Rosenkranz, A., Mücklich, F., Müser, M.H., Contact mechanics of laser-textured surfaces: Correlating contact area and friction, (2013) Tribology Letters, 50 (1), pp. 41-48.

Gachot, C., Rosenkranz, A., Reinert, L., Ramos-Moore, E., Souza, N., Müser, M.H., Mücklich, F., Dry friction between laser-patterned surfaces: Role of alignment, structural wavelength and surface chemistry, (2013) Tribology Letters, 49 (1), pp. 193-202.

Wibbing, D., Binder, J., Schinköthe, W., Pauly, C., Gachot, C., Mücklich, F., Absolute position encoder by a diffractive q-ary pseudo-random-sequence, (2012) Technisches Messen, 79 (1), pp. 44-51.

Detemple, E., Leibenguth, P., Gachot, C., Mücklich, F., Large-area patterned formation of intermetallic phases on Ti/Al multilayer systems by laser interference metallurgy, (2010) Thin Solid Films, 519 (2), pp. 736-741.

Hans, M., Gachot, C., Catrin, R., Raillard, B., Mücklich, F., Laser interference structuring for the functionalization of copper materials, (2009) Metall, 63 (11), pp. 579-581.

Hans, M., Gachot, C., Müller, F., Mücklich, F., Direct laser interference structuring as a tool to gradually tune the wetting response of titanium and polyimide surfaces, (2009) Advanced Engineering Materials, 11 (10), pp. 795-800.

Gachot, C., Catrin, R., Lasagni, A., Schmid, U., Mücklich, F., Comparative study of grain sizes and orientation in microstructured Au, Pt and W thin films designed by laser interference metallurgy, (2009) Applied Surface Science, 255 (10), pp. 5626-5632.

Catrin, R., Lasagni, A.F., Gachot, C., Schmid, U., Mücklich, F., Microstructural design of advanced architectures in titanium/platinum thin films by laser interference metallurgy, (2008) Advanced Engineering Materials, 10 (5), pp. 466-470.

Koblischka-Veneva, A., Gachot, C., Leibenguth, P., Mücklich, F., Investigation of microstructure of bulk Ni2MnGa alloy by means of electron backscatter diffraction analysis, (2007) Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 316 (2 SPEC. ISS.), pp. e431-e434.

Liu, K.W., Gachot, C., Leibenguth, P., Mücklich, F., Combinatorial experiment in Ni-Ti thin films by laser interference structuring, (2005) Applied Surface Science, 247 (1-4), pp. 550-555.

Proceeding Publications:

Raillard, B., Gachot, C., Hans, M., Leibenguth, P., Mücklich, F., Microstructural characterization of laser-irradiated bulk copper under dry sliding conditions, (2012) Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology, 226 (6), pp. 541-551.

Gachot, C., Leibenguth, P., Mücklich, F., Tribological Properties of Laser Interference Induced Microstructural Architectures in Metallic Systems, (2011) Friction, Wear and Wear Protection: International Symposium on Friction, Wear and Wear Protection 2008 Aachen, Germany, pp. 59-66.

Gachot, C., Hans, M., Catrin, R., Schmid, U., Mücklich, F., Tuned wettability of material surfaces for tribological applications in miniaturized systems by laser interference metallurgy, (2009) Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 7362, art. no. 73620U.

Catrin, R., Gachot, C., Marchand, G., Schmid, U., Mücklich, F., Selective wet chemical etching of metallic thin films designed by Laser Interference Metallurgy (LIMET), (2009) Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 7362, art. no. 736217.

Mücklich, F., Gachot, C., Catrin, R., Schmid, U., Lasagni, A., Macroscopic 2d design of micro/nano grain architectures by laser interference metallurgy, (2008) Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 1059, pp. 78-83.


Presentations at a conference:


  • Workshop Materials Science & Engineering INTERREG IIIC in Luxemburg, 2006.

  • Workshop Atomic Force Microscopy at the Technical University Chemnitz, EUROMAT Nuremberg, 2007.

  • DGM conference Aachen: Friction, Wear and Wear Protection, 2008.

  • E-MRS conference in Strasbourg, 2008.

  • Volkswagen Foundation Symposium in Bremen, 2008.

  • MSE Nuremberg, 2008.

  • Conference “New Developments in Laser Processing”, Jena, 2008.

  • SPIE Microsystems in Dresden, 2009.

  • Plansee Seminar Reutte Austria, 2009.

  • EUROMAT Glasgow, 2009.

  • NordTrib 2010.

  • Laser conference Jena, 2010.

  • EcoTrib Vienna, 2011.

  • Second international VW Symposium in Aachen, 2011.

  • GfT conference Göttingen, 2011.

  • ICMCTF San Diego, 2011.

  • Faraday Discussions Southampton, 2012.

  • Leeds-Lyon Symposium in Leeds, 2012.

  • Tribology conference Lulea Sweden, 2013.

  • ICMCTF San Diego, 2013.

  • World Tribology Congress (WTC) Torino, 2013.

  • MSE Darmstadt, 2014.

  • Workshop on Nanostructured Materials and Surface Engineering, Santiago de Chile, PUC, 2014

  • ATK Antriebstechnisches Kolloquium Invited Talk Aachen, 2015

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Dr. Carsten Gachot

      +49 176 6493 3572

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His name colud be here

Carsten Gachot received his PhD from the Saarland University in Germany in 2012 where he studied the effects of laser interference patterning on the microstructure and topography of metallic surfaces with a focus on tribological applications under Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich and Prof. Dr. Martin H. Müser. For this work, Dr. Gachot was awarded by the European Honda initiation grant in 2011.

Dr. Gachot is currently leading the junior research group “Advanced Surfaces” at Saarland University with 11 members of staff being active in the field of laser shot peening, running-in behaviour of laser textured surfaces and tribological properties of carbon-based materials and he is also a visiting scientist in the tribology group at Imperial College London and a visiting Professor in the Physics Department at the PUC in Santiago de Chile. Since 2014, he implemented an advanced lecture course "Applied Laser Technology" at the PUC. At present, there is a FONDECYT project together with Prof. Dr. Gonzalo Pizarro Puccio from the PUC concerning the control of corrosion and biofilm growth on Copper surfaces. Dr. Gachot has an active level of involvement in a number of industrial and university-based projects.

Co-Founder and Senior Tribological Consultant

Dr Carsten Gachot

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