The mechanical and electronic devices of the observatories operate under extremely challenging conditions. Lubricating these devices to ensure the smooth operation of moving. If a grease loses its lubricating capacity due to the extreme weather conditions, important devices can be damaged or fail.


The observatory dome can be opened 180 degrees and must allow fully automatic operation under extreme weather conditions, which is a particular challenge with regard to material, motors, reduction gearboxes and electronics. All mechanical components with altogether hundreds lubrication points must be lubricated according to the special extremely temperature  peaks requirements to ensure trouble-free operation of the observatory. Applications including the mounting system of the telescope with all its focusing devices, camera equipment as well as the bearings of the observatory dome, which should open and close using a minimum of power due to energy scarcity in this extreme environment. 

This is a big challenge because that most speciality lubricants harden under these conditions and lose their lubricating capacity. It is necesary know about the special greases that work even at minus 80 degrees Celsius and low humidity, and yet maintain its good lubricating capacity.


This work require an Intense long-term cooperation

Some times the observatories are controlated by robotic control and maintenance and repair on site are subject to high costs, the special lubrication management and developmente of lubrication and oil analysys programs are responsible for the installation's maneuverability having an important role to play when it comes to the permanent reliability and availability of both the installation and its instruments.


Even when all lubrication points of the observatory had already been lubricated in origin prior to their transport to instalation placement, it is necessary or recomended a predictive Maintenance by monitoring condition and  avoid repair work on site.


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